Our Secret Garden

19 September 2022

— by Lisa K Hill —

Borrowing the line from Frances Hodgson Burnett; ‘[we] wish you were here’ to explore our Secret Garden.’

Spring is a special time of year as everything awakens and transforms from their dormancy deciding when to emerge in their new life. So, let’s go for a walk and see our exclusive, homegrown and historic garden of secrets with its passages and pathways of herbs, flowers, ancient trees and monuments.

Experience the changes beginning with our herb garden. Lavender bushes full of fluorescent purple surrounded by basil, parsley, rosemary, and spring onions; all planted seasonally specifically selected by our chef to garnish her exclusive cuisine. Naartjies are in masquerade, green to the sight but ripe for our selected desserts.

Herb Garden.

Our Courtyard refuses the camouflage. The bougainvillea called ‘our pink area’ love the competition with their lavender neighbour. But they are happy to share the attention with the lime and grapefruit trees in their own special square.

Your eyes will then wander to our White Rose Garden, a circle of iceberg roses. Opposite the circle is the Reflection Pond a Liz McGrath design with seamless boundaries of arum lilies.

Her designs extend themselves again to the magnificent Water Feature – a replica of the Aliverti Floating Trophy Award she won at the 2005 Cape Flower show for her ‘Standard Rose.’

White Rose Garden.

Beyond and behind lies ‘The Greens.’ An impeccably green area where ducks, ducklings, Egyptian geese, and their young hatch, play and grow in the tranquility of a sanctuary they make their own.

Languidly moving along, you will go through the arches of time into the ‘Formal Rose Garden’ complemented by combinations of white and yellow roses as you move step by step down into their own perennial paradise.

Keep walking to the Hohenort Lawns our largest heated pool with of views the tamed and untamed trees bathing the entire area in shades of lightness and shadows surrounding a perfectly manicured lawn.

The Hohenort Pool.

After a swim, come through the Palm Arch where we have secluded wedding ceremonies sheltered and preserved by nature’s temple of privacy.

Then wander through our vineyard of hanepoot grapes on the one pathway or the passageway to the Rustic Garden which is like stepping back in time that stands in the stillness of its past. Nature at her best and least disturbed.

Hohenort Lawns & Palm Arch.

When you emerge back into the present, your path will guide you to our Camphor Trees over 250 years old and the second oldest in the Cape.

From here you wind through The Clivia Walk pilloried with orange and yellow flowers until re-emerging at the Conservatory Fountain where ducks play hopscotch on the rocky stepped stream.

The Clivia Walk.

We have come full circle when we view the second swimming pool privately used by the surrounding rooms. Come into our lounge or patio and enjoy a sundowner after your tour. We look forward to meeting you.

The Conservatory Restaurant Terrace.

The 5-star Cellars-Hohenort, part of The Liz McGrath Collection, is situated in the historical Constantia Valley. The Small Luxury Hotels of the World member’s 51 guest rooms and suites boast breathtaking with views of Table Mountain and the property’s award-winning gardens.


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