Wedding season in the Western Cape

11 October 2022

— by Lisa K Hill —

Wedding season in the Western Cape has never been better than this.
Be spontaneous or let your family spontaneously surprise you with our seasonal elopement packages at either The Cellars Hohenort Hotel & Spa in Constantia Cape Town, or The Marine in Hermanus, proud members of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Make your wedding destination the jewel in your own crown. Before deciding where your luggage should be delivered, here’s a preview of coming attractions.

Magical Garden Weddings (Photography – Jo Stokes Photography)

The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel & Spa is a living symbol of nature’s own secret paradise. With canopies of trees and plants, the altar of your future is set in this enclosed serenity of peacefulness. Here you are exposed to a surround sound of birds and leaves rustling in the breeze with the echolalia of our now teenage Egyptian geese and ducks who will lead you down their own paths.

The Perfect Honeymoon

If you’re feeling adventurous during these special days, there are a myriad of walks up Table Mountain practically outside your room. After which, there are three of the Cape’s best wine farms within a few kilometers of the hotel; namely Eagle’s Nest, Groot Constantia and Buitenverwachting. All superb all accessible and a delightful denouement to your wedding stay. However, excellence has given you a choice.

Oceanside Wedding Ceremony

And to make the choice even more challenging, our whales in Hermanus this year are still putting on their own spring ‘broadway’ show. At the Marine Hotel in Hermanus, if it’s the brilliance of our sunsets over the ocean (as well as watching our playful whales) you’re craving, or our crisp champagne air, we can accommodate you better than anywhere else in the world. Your room looks out onto your own whale haven. Contour paths wind around the bay proffering their own paradise. The ocean never looks the same at any given time on any given day. Its mysteries always a wonder to behold.

Romantic turndown with Sea Views

In Hermanus, everything is ‘walkable’ from the hotel. The bay is pilloried with coffee shops and unique restaurants at which to enjoy a sundowner or early morning coffee or stroll. Antique bookstores, and galleries of paintings and art by our local artists can be found in nooks and archways offering an experience most can only dream about. You become part of this picture just by being part of this experience you create for yourselves.

Cliff Path

The decision is yours and both of our hotels offer extraordinary beauty above and beyond the beautiful elopement package we have put together for the launch of your journey together as a couple. To book your elopement package email us at and start your forever after journey with a memorable stay at The Cellars-Hohenort or The Marine.

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