Our Easter Letter

12 March 2024

— by Caytees Chronicles —

What do rabbits, hopping and The Easter letter all have in common with what we offer at our exclusive boutique hotels this year? The metaphor is begging to be revealed. Hop on over to the Cellars – Hohenort Hotel & Spa or hop over to Hermanus and visit the Marine Hotel to see what we have in mind for our Easter Sunday.


Easter is a celebration that weaves together ancient traditions and religious rituals from Christianity to Judaism to Islam. It is founded upon astronomical calculations and has made its indelible footprint into the hearts of millions worldwide. The original Easter Letter has its origins in Alexandria, with its rich tapestry of the three monotheistic religions and renowned for its pivotal and crucial role in astronomically calculating the significance of our lives. Alexandria’ s special blend of these great beliefs was the crucible containing the perfect confluence of events which formed and then transformed the crucial cataclysmic direction of the migratory path of Easter’s origins; eventually ending up in the hands of the Emperor Constantine who then set in stone the date of Easter known as The Easter Letter in A.D. 325.

Our tradition, at our exclusive boutique hotels, is to therefore honour the legacy of this letter. Definitely an event to remember, celebrate and commemorate. An event which we take seriously and ceremoniously. An event which we innovate while upholding the historical and for many, holy significance of this special Sunday.

Our special dinner menus starts with a choice of two delicately delicious delicacies: light smoked snoek mousse or cured prawn ceviche. And we begin with our globally acclaimed MCC selections of crisp cold bubbly. Each course offering the perfect complement of our locally produced finest wines.

’Deciding on which entre will be your biggest challenge.There is nothing basic about meat, chicken or fish with our world class chef who has combined and transformed exotic flavours into combinations which will ‘wow’ the most discerning palettes. Flavouring seared wagyu beef with smoked shimeji, tamari and other exotic spices, designer chicken with roasted garlic gnocchi, and poached line fish roulade with dill and lump fish caviar.

Where else but here at the Cellars – Hohenort hotel and spa-one of the finest Small Luxury Hotels of the World-will you experience such innovative delicacies?



Our three main selections also offer a refreshing twist of taste to the traditional Easter Day lunch: our aromatic lamb with chakalaka pesto and charred maize, roasted chicken with medjool dates, or our vegetarian option of seasonal vegetables, tofu and exotic mushrooms all with subtle hints of flavours from their peripatetic past origins. And our desserts with pistachio crumb or mascarpone passionfruit and spiced kataifi crumble with cinnamon and nutmeg conjoin conventional dishes with the nostalgia of the spice route.

Let us reroute ourselves and hop to Hermanus. At the Marine boutique hotel the classic traditional Easter lunch has its seat at the table.We present our Summer Pulse & Burrata Salad an array of gourmet greens, mange tout and split pea purée, or our homegrown Kudu loin tagliata with masala chickpeas. However, our main Roast sirloin and Yorkshire pudding with wine jus is testimony to our own tradition as is our dessert of Malva pudding and vanilla bean ice cream.
The location of the Marine boutique hotel mirrors its unique opportunities for children. Each table will have its own display of Easter eggs for the whole family. The Marine boutique hotel and spa, with its panoramic views of the ocean, and pathways which take you all around Walker Bay is itself a basket of treats: everyone can get spoiled by spa sea.

Whether your taste travels to the past or present, we invite you to
join us on this Easter Sunday with the special surprises and sumptuous selections we have at both of our boutique hotels.





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