Act of Love

05 February 2024

— by Clare Van Rensburg —

Poets, playwrites, musicians and bards have since ‘forever’  struggled to define or express the most powerful emotion we share with each other, animals and nature.

But we reserve one occasion every year for you to show how you feel.

Come celebrate this Valentine’s Day with us at the Cellars -Hohenort  luxury hotel and spa where East meets West with our fine dining array and amalgamations of flavours.We have set the stage for you to create your own memorable day. A stage where you join us in showing your appreciation and devotion to another. That one word which has the same meaning and can be expressed in a single action anywhere in the world is love.

It’s as simple as that.

AI might be able to send off the invitation but it hasn’t (so far) been able to say ‘what it feels like to love something or someone.’ From  the mysticism of Rumi and themes of unification with the divine, to Lord Byron’s eternal belief in the changelessness of pure love, to Maynardville’s production of Romeo and Juliet (featuring this season at our open-air theatre) to Emma Kok’s breathtakingly profound performance of ‘Voila’ on the stage of Andre Rieu, love is the most powerful emotion we share individually and collectively.

As humans, we have the super power of suggestion. At the Cellars-Hohenort luxury hotel and spa, we have some seductively sumptuous starters for our Valentine’s Day dinner. At the summit of our long lingering Cape summer days, we provide the perfect peace of paradise. Just as there is ‘pleasure in the pathless woods,’ there is even more pleasure in sharing that pleasure with another.

Our special dinner menus starts with a choice of two delicately delicious delicacies: light smoked snoek mousse or cured prawn ceviche. And we begin with our globally acclaimed MCC selections of crisp cold bubbly. Each course offering the perfect complement of our locally produced finest wines.

’Deciding on which entre will be your biggest challenge.There is nothing basic about meat, chicken or fish with our world class chef who has combined and transformed exotic flavours into combinations which will ‘wow’ the most discerning palettes. Flavouring seared wagyu beef with smoked shimeji, tamari and other exotic spices, designer chicken with roasted garlic gnocchi, and poached line fish roulade with dill and lump fish caviar.

Where else but here at the Cellars – Hohenort hotel and spa-one of the finest Small Luxury Hotels of the World-will you experience such innovative delicacies?



And our finale of course has got to be chocolate by any other name. Chocolate mouse, fondant or ganache. Valentine’s Day could not be made more deliciously difficult to decide what to choose. The easy part is to choose with whom to share it with.




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