Emerging Emotions

08 February 2023

— by Lisa K Hill —

That we are not the only species to feel the power of emotions as depicted by naturalist David Attenborough in his meticulous observations of ducks to dolphins, egrets to elephants is heuristically apparent.

What is particular about humans is the way we can express them. We are the only species who can telephonically change the state of mind of another person, no matter what the distances, by the transmission of a single word. We’ve come a long way from messaging in a bottle but the sentiment is the same. A single emoji, in the zeitgeist of our current lives, is perhaps the most powerful tool we possess.

Particular to Valentine’s Day there are plenty of emojis or ‘real words’ to express one’s feelings for someone else. Although we don’t need a special day designated to convey our feelings to our partners or family, the day is commemorative so let’s take advantage of it. And commemorate a feeling which is non computational. Size does not always matter. But it can if you like. So if you want to do something way out of the ordinary then you have options.

We have captured sentiment, the sentimental and sentimentality. The locations of our three boutique hotels have their own special allure and arterial flow depending on what you want to do and with whom.

We begin this flow in the heart of Cape Town at The Cellars Hohenort Hotel & Spa.  Here, the magical canopied setting is perfect for our picnic package. One can spend the whole day lingering in the gardens exploring the contour paths and just hiding away from the real world. There is a family package here too to share with your children, from as little as R 395 per person (excluding beverages). Our hamper has a variety of tapas and treats which you alter or add to. In the evening, if you really want to treat yourselves (sans enfants), we have designed a stunning five course dinner; each course has been paired perfectly with our MCC and sparkling wines. Here you have the opportunity to experience both excellent cuisine and exposure to our famous wines. Just leave your cell phone at home for once. You do not need to call anyone.

At The Marine, in Hermanus, our closest companion, our flavours flow still further adding extensions onto the existing equanimity of the beautiful surroundings by the ocean with its fathomless depths of intrigue. This is a place where your imagination is free from time. The unpredictability of the ocean’s moods adds some mystery to the moment. But its beauty is constant. Here too the cuisine echoes both the natural sounds, smells and sights and enhances these sensations.

Hermanus vibrates with elegant simplicity. Old curio shops have lived here for years displaying timeless items, while art galleries, elegant coffee bars and cafes creep around secret passageways: all add to the charm of this coastal town also named by UNESCO in 2019 the as the first gastronomic town in Africa. A huge and perfectly positioned accolade.

But sometimes you just have to experience Plett – It’s a Feeling. The Plettenberg is beautifully positioned in this sought-after holiday destination where the endless beaches compliment the myriad of activities on offer. The Birds of Eden is the largest free flight aviary in the world and home to over 220 species. A visit to Robberg Nature Reserve, a World Heritage Site steeped in history, with prehistoric rocks and Stone Age artefacts is just another opportunity to transcend the frond and seize the day from a completely different perspective.

The Plettenberg’s special Valentine’s menu rises to the occasion. True to its destination, the selection of courses pair the palate with the place. The first course cheeses are an ideal starter to show off our own world renowned wines. Even the dessert is designed to accentuate the flavors and textures  of the special menus, the special day and the special place.


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