The Cellars-Hohenort and The Four Paws

31 August 2022

— by Lisa K Hill —

All they talk about this time every year is Cape Town…The Cellars Hohenort Hotel and Spa (where they have been going since I can remember), …Table Mountain …Kirstenbosch Gardens, the Constantia Wine Route and all the day hikes they go on at Silvermine and Cape Point. The best time of year for them. For me not so much. I get either the ‘auntie’ as my babysitter or their best friend? I kinda thought I filled that roll but anyway.

They always say, I can’t go with them because I’m too young, it’s too far, the trip too long. Always some random excuse. I’ve stopped complaining as I know my day will come. So I watched them pack bags, write notes and stick them on the fridge, put all their liquids into small bags. Same routine every year. I think they forgot I can ‘read’ see and feel everything they’re thinking. And then it hit me. I saw three passports on the table by the computer. No-one else was going with them that I knew about…so…could it be?


It was me.

I didn’t let on that I figured it out but waited for them to tell me. Then I pretended I didn’t know! All I could think about was walking in the forests, Table Mountain, the rich smell of the woodlands, the sounds of the birds and my first trip to Cape Town. Dreams can come true; my first vacation ever with my pawrents at their favorite boutique hotel.

When we arrived, I had no expectations as this was ‘my first time.’ But it was ‘wow’ from the start. We were given a special room right in front of the garden, views of the beautiful, shaded trees, the ducks (which I promised not to chase), and the fountains and paths in all directions.
I specifically got my own bed matching with the decor of the cushions on the chair. I felt I blended right in. Plus I got two bowls.

But best of all my own menu! Heaven exists.

The staff were expecting me although I wasn’t expecting them. I had a welcome card addressed to me as well. My pawrents were told where I could and couldn’t go and I felt special very special.
Everyone was so kind. The first person I met was Gregory. He helped bring our stuff into the room and helped settle us in. Then in the lounge was Musa. He took our drink orders as we decided to sit by the fireplace because it is still cold in Cape Town. I nearly fell asleep by the fire (maybe I did a little) but was too excited to sleep properly.

Room service.

It doesn’t get better than this, I thought. Until I was served my first ‘room service’ dinner. Then I met Sheila. She was awesome and what a smile! I didn’t jump up when I saw the dish in her hands; although I was restraining myself because the smell of my chicken and rice dish my pawrents ordered was irresistible. There were lots of pet friendly items on the menu, especially for us. But I waited. I’ve been well trained, and the rewards are always worth it.

After dinner, we went for an extended walk around the gardens. Breathtaking. Smells, sights, sounds, all of which were just what I needed after the long journey. I was inhaling bliss. After that, we were all tired. So, we just chilled out in our room and made some plans for the next few days mostly about the walks and hikes I’ve kept hearing about.

Aerial view of lush gardens, perfect for walkies.

As the excitement of the day had exhausted me – but before I allowed myself to fall asleep – I just had to remind myself that this was real, and I wasn’t dreaming. I deliberately woke up after an hour or two just to make sure this wasn’t in my imagination. And when I woke up again, it was morning…and I knew there is heaven on earth.

So paw pals everywhere, my pawrents have set a precedent because The Cellars-Hohenort has welcomed us and opened up a whole new world for us.

The 5-star Cellars-Hohenort, part of The Liz McGrath Collection, is situated in the historical Constantia Valley. The Small Luxury Hotels of the World member’s 51 guest rooms and suites boasts breathtaking with views of Table Mountain and the property’s award-winning gardens.


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