H2ZERO CT #WaterlessCooking Challenge

18 October 2017

— by Malu Lambert —

Creative agency 140BBDO, in partnership with Cape radio station SMILE 90.4FM recently ran a campaign called H2ZERO: a water saving initiative where renowned local chefs were challenged to create a menu that uses absolutely zero water.

Group Executive Chef Peter Tempelhoff & Head Chef of Greenhouse, Ashley Moss joined the ranks of top chefs on #WaterlessWednesdays cooking on air.

Other top chefs showcasing waterless menus on SMILE 90.4FM were: Liam Tomlin, Sonja Edridge, Ash Heeger, Pete Goffe-Wood, Franck Dangereux, Nina Timm and Callie-Anne Gavazzi.

The initiative aimed to inspire Western Cape residents to not only be more aware of daily water usage, but also to adopt the weekly water saving techniques in their own homes.

“We’re hoping that the Waterless Cooking challenges can become a movement in which people, and establishments alike, see that responding to a problem is not synonymous with sacrifice but instead, it can offer an exciting and prospective venture,” said BBDO Chief Creative Officer, Mike Schalit.

Raise a fork as Western Cape’s top chefs prove that in the face of a drought creativity can save a cup of water, and a cup saved is a cup towards making a difference.

Peter & Ashley on #WaterlessCooking

Chef Peter Tempelhoff makes it rain with ‘gees’ as he talks about small changes with big impacts, stepping out the kitchen & using ingredients that requires little water to grow – reduce the demand, lessen the water, increase the difference. #H2Zero #SmileWaterWarriors

Chef Ashley Moss separates water from oil as he breaks down why saving water doesn’t start in the kitchen but actually when we source our ingredients – seems like this is becoming the norm with cooking. Watch, share, start change. #H2Zero #WaterlessCooking #SmileWaterWarriors

“This waterless dish we created at @greenhouse_ct for @smile904fm and the @h2zero_ctinitiative is the best fish dish I have tasted… ever! I am so stoked with it that it’s going on the menu next week, do yourselves a favour boys and girls and come taste it! In fact, if you can prove to me that you give a stuff about the water crisis in the Cape and show me that you are a ‘Water Warrior’, I will cook the dish for you FOR FREE… no strings attached. Just send me a picture of your water bill and the dish is yours!” – @petertempelhoff

Grilled yellowtail – Peter Templehoff and Ashley Moss’s #WaterlessCooking dish.

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