A ‘Nice’ way to start the New Year

16 February 2018

— by Peter Tempelhoff —

It was a great way to start off 2018 by being invited to cook with Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, at his Michelin star restaurant, JAN, in Nice, France for the first ever ‘Taste of South Africa’, and showcasing Boplaas wines from the Klein Karoo.

I think it’s important to travel and see what’s trending in the food world and fortunately Jan had time to not only host me as a guest Chef at his intimate Chef Table MARIA, but take me around his neighbourhood, the markets, such as the Marché Aux Fleurs, and also to dine at the 3* Michelin Alain Ducasse in Monaco, amongst others.

Here is a curated pictorial journey of my time with Jan in Nice…

Getting ready

Preparation is the key to any successful culinary journey. Drying Arniston seaweed ready for the Nice dinners.

Here was one of the nice Nice dishes we worked on prior to leaving – “Washed up on the South Coast”

Images ©  @petertempelhoff

A warm welcome

We have arrived – Jan welcoming Rozanne Nel (Boplaas Wines) and I, at restaurant JAN

Image ©  Rozanne Nel


On the first day we went out to source all the ingredients we needed at the famous Marché Aux Fleurs, which is ranked by France’s National Council for the Culinary Arts as being one of the country’s special markets.

Thumbs up from Nice market, what an awesome day it was with Jan before some serious preparation for the first dinner with guests.

Big scary tomatoes in Nice!

Images ©  @petertempelhoff

Jan Hendrik, “Welcome to our first ‘Taste of South Africa’ and the first guest Chef, Peter Tempelhoff cooking with us at JAN this weekend!!! Such an honour to welcome you! Loving local produce.” @bistrot_dantoine_nice

Image ©  @janhendrik

Incredible Lunch

We were fortunate to have an incredible lunch at the 2* Michelin Star Flaveur, it just received it’s second star, five days after we dined there.

Toasting to a fantastic day

Thank you @flaveur_nice for a delicious lunch today! A must for anyone when visiting Nice.

Images ©  @janhendrik

Taste of South Africa #1

“Good morning ‘Nizza’! Restaurant ready for a very exciting and busy week-end! Taste of South Africa” – @janhendrik

Preparation for dinner tonight is going very well … let’s call it research! 🙂

Images ©  @petertempelhoff

Uhhmmm… I’ve lost @petertempelhoff… soaking up the Mediterranean sun before service

MARIA… ready for service…

Images ©  @janhendrik

Video ©  @petertempelhoff

Hell’s Kitchen!

Yes we had time for a selfie during service 😊 (Peter, Jan & Rozanne)

Images ©  @boplaaswines

Guests, in the background, looked after by Brent Bartlett (South African Sommelier), while we are heads down making sure every plate is perfect

Busy with final touches while Rozanne was testing that the wine was at the perfect temperature

Images ©  @boplaaswines

The Result – Hermanus Perlemoen Egg Custard Sake Rice Wine paired with Boplaas Gamka Branca

Washed up on the South Coast, paired with Fledge Pinot Noir

Images ©  @boplaaswines

Honeybush yoghurt sorbet dill cucumber Ceres cherries MCC jelly paired with Boplaas Block 1932 Hanepoot

A final thumbs up from Jan – service please!

Images ©  @boplaaswines

Seeing more sights in Nice

Images © Peter Tempelhoff

How can anything top this lunch… sitting on the waters edge eating bouillabaisse, an enormous crab salad and grilled octopus?

Video ©  @petertempelhoff

Tastes of 3* Michelin Alain Ducasse in Monaco

Images © Jan Hendrik & Peter Tempelhoff

One of the reasons why I love France… simply amazing desserts!

Images ©  @petertempelhoff

I will remember Nice not for the place, but for the people. What a great time… thanks for the warm hospitality!

Jan Hendrik has also shared a blog in which he expands on the collaborative menu… click here to read it now

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