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The Greenhouse has a new Head Chef
October 17, 2014

We caught up with Ashley Moss, who having been a part of the team before, returns to The Greenhouse as the new Head Chef.

You’ve worked at The Greenhouse before as a sous chef, how does it make you feel to be returning now as the head chef?
It’s great to be back!  We are moving forward with our food and it’s wonderful to be a big part of that.

You’ve just come back from award-winning restaurant, The Artichoke in the U.K – what did you learn there, and what will you bring to The Greenhouse from the experience?
I got to work with great chefs from all over the world and with amazing produce in a high intensity environment—I learned a lot.  There are a lot of really good chefs in the UK in a very small area and this means a very high level of competition. And to The Greenhouse I will bring my passion for ingredients and drive.

Your top three favourite ingredients?
I don’t really believe in “favourite” only experiences, what’s great ‘now’ may be terrible later. It’s about catching the right ingredient at the right time, that’s what makes something amazing. The most important ingredient is time, the right time.

Describe your cooking philosophy?
Instant food! The moment, the season, the weather, the mood, when it’s good to go! We have an amazing garden with great produce and I want to take full advantage of it.

What do you love to do in your off-time in Cape Town?
I enjoy the outdoors, cycling, surfing, braaing and eating out.

What did you miss most about The Cellars-Hohenort while you were away?
What was there not to miss?  The friendly people, amazing grounds and the best food!

The tasting menus at The Greenhouse are inspired by the bountiful, local produce and diverse cultures of South Africa.

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