Origins at The Marine

“Being inseparably linked to the seasons, farms, fields and the sea is one of the most naturally gratifying emotions and fundamentally important philosophies of a chef," says Peter Tempelhoff, Executive Chef, The Collection by Liz McGrath.

The Marine is proud to introduce its new restaurant, Origins.

“At Origins we look back to look forward. We look back to The Khoisan, our First People, to run a restaurant that brings the joy of food, telling the story of our region’s culture, cuisine and ingredients on every plate” adds Grant Parker, Executive Chef, Origins.

Simply put, local and seasonal produce taste better. They’re part of the region’s fabric, they provide us with what the body needs season to season. Origins sources foods that preserve green space and reduce the environmental impact, as the land will not be ours forever. We source locally to support our community, because, just as the Khoisan understood, there is nothing more communal than a meal shared, a meal savoured together.

Small Plates pays tribute to the social act of sharing with dishes such as South Atlantic tuna tartare with sesame and kohlrabi; Cape Malay spiced mussels with toasted focaccia bread and pulled winelands pork lettuce wraps with chipotle honey and crackling.  Shoots, Stems & Leaves takes inspiration from the earth; local, seasonal produce delivered as complex, delicious salads.

Our mains and sides are Hunted and Gathered; each ingredient reflecting our surroundings. Guest can expect to find dishes such as Craft beer battered hake, triple cooked chips, caper aioli and pickled onions; Elgin free-range chicken with roast baby beets, quinoa, pine nut sage butter and aubergine cream and Origins signature surf and turf dish “ Origins of Land and Sea” which includes sirloin, lobster, prawns, calamari, mussels, chicken wings! Desserts with local flavour bring The Sweetness, and artisanal Cheeses of the Region to finish off the menu.

Our ‘Chef's Blackboard' will introduce at least 3 new daily dishes to reflect the season, and allow us to champion the exciting fresh produce we find.

“We are very excited to launch this new restaurant where Indigenous and endemic ingredients have been brought together to create a menu that respects the local cultures and the region’s flavours “ concludes Tempelhoff.

Origins is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week; Contact: 028 313 1000 for bookings

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